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Monday, October 16, 2006

Small gems for the growing start up or Good employees make more good employees

I was listening to the pastor on Sunday and one thing struck me more than usual, he mentioned the phrase "Sheep make more sheep" not the Shepherd, and that is so true not just in the church but also in the Secular world hence my title today good employees make more good employees.

I have seen it often in start ups you get a nucleus of a team and all is well, you are able to keep on track with the development projects and keep up with the customers, then the business starts to expand outrageously and that's is what you wanted and your VC brothers "explosive growth" is their mantra, but you notice that there is more cars going home earlier in the car park, folk are not starting as early, in fact some are even actually going home....You have a sick company and the culture is going sour, faster than full cream milk in a tanning parlor.

This has all happened because you let it ? Because you said it's ok to work normally...No it was nothing to do with you in the main, there maybe was one or two actions you could have taken to help the situation..( I can be off assistance if this is your company just hire me) but it was because you had a few bad employees, it does not take much to corrupt the team....

If you focus on hiring A players, and keep religiously to the probation period, this may help..You can tell within the first few days if someone has the correct attitude, and if you find that they have a PPP then get rid of them quickly before it rubs off on the others, always take time to talk to the good troops/ employees and strengthen the company culture you want to maintain...Work hard play hard, give opportunities for both.

Well that's most of what I wanted to say, so to repeat, Good Workers will in turn produce more Good Workers.



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