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Thursday, September 07, 2006

You need to know the music before you can write the melody

"You need to know the music before you can write the melody”


As an Entrepreneur you need to know intimately your business before you start

I play guitar and mandolin, my music is modern Folk / Rock, my stage are sessions with my friends and the Church worship group where I lead the worship sometimes. I have seen new musicians come and go, they have played in rock bands or are session musicians themselves, but when it comes to playing for the church worship times they are lost…they do not know the music style or nuances

I was listening to a fiddle session on CD driving home last night and this image crystallized, you can’t ask an opera composer to write a reel for the dance band, because he does not know the music has not experienced it, and you can’t ask the folk music composer to write the Opera.

So what am I saying here, is know what you are getting into to, have a team built around you that know what you are getting into. Take time before you take your 30 pieces of silver and understand the music before you start to compose your reel.

I am on holiday tomorrow so I will be back next week…



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