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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To Blame or not to Blame

To Blame or not to Blame

One of the worst cultures to have in an organization is the “blame” culture, where everyone else is looking to blame the bad outcome on someone else, covering there butts. This type of culture destroys the dynamics requires to function as a cross functional team, Engineering and Development working together, Process and Production working together. I have sat on board meetings here this is prevalent amongst the officers of the company, and look at Enron, there was a lot of it wasn’t me it was him comments flying around, trying to blame there failings on others.

Where this type of culture takes a person is they then play the victim, I can’t achieve the sale because of engineering, not because his sales strategy is crap, but because the employees know that the blame culture is allowed then they will use it as a crutch for poor performance and judgment. Where does this culture emanate from? Answer!! It is the leadership, when something has gone wrong, they instigate a witch hunt, and find someone to blame, this in turn makes everyone else say ok that is not going to happen to me, and the ass protection culture has started.

Some solutions to this culture:

Do not instigate witch hunts, when something goes wrong perform an RCA and understand what went wrong not who? And put a fix in place

When an individual uses the blame culture to protect himself (key word there), try and understand where the need for this behaviour comes from and try to help correct the behaviour, if you can’t then you are better off without them

Do not accept the victim mentality, everyone has there own destiny in there own hands, let them work it out, give support and make them feel part of the team, but never accept the victim mentality.

Reward positive behaviour and punish the negative behaviour

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