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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Recruiting and teambuilding for the Start Up

Recruiting and teambuilding for the Start Up

This will be a short entry today; I have loads to get done today, which set me to thinking about recruitment and building the team for the start up. I have recruited 4 operations teams, from the technician to the director, two of the teams were more that 100 strong and two were around 30 strong, so I have had plenty of opportunity to get it wrong and get it correct.

These are a few tips I learned along the way:

Get the best candidate you can for your senior roles, make sure they are a fit to the team culture.

Spend the money, pay the top salary for the senior roles, they will be your key to building a great company, and leading your workforce

Take up references on the candidate; speak to one of there last bosses

Get the Sales candidates to do a sales pitch for you.

Make sure the benefits package is fair and equitable for the whole workforce

Attitude is more important than aptitude

You will make mistakes correct them quickly, you will know in a few weeks if you made the correct choice.

Well that’s it for today, a short week for me, on holiday Friday



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