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Friday, August 11, 2006

What keeps you awake most at night ?

What keeps you awake most at night ?

This a leading question often asked by the Venture capital analyst...or your sage like NED on the board....and it is a question that I have answered many times...depending on the latest fire I have been trying to put out back at the company...it could have been the supply chain screw ups..or the manufacturing yield crashing...you have made some boomerangs ..and your customer returns rate looks like a marketing graph..you gotta luv your marketing team they really know how to use Power point...you spin your answer to the questioner and you try to come out on tops...

Now I am not saying I do not wake up in the middle of the night sometimes when something has lite up my brain like a megawatt lamp...and can't get back to sleep...and I just hit the shower and head to work...but thoes occasiosn are getting less ...I learned a lesson from an old friend...he said don't fill up your mind trying to remember the day to day stuff..write it down..on your fancy PDA....and forget about it...then you can let your mind focus on the things you should be working on...you will sleep better...and your day will flow smoother.... I started doing that..and over the years I have far less sleepless nights and far more productive days....

  • Write down one liners on what you need to get done and who wil do it
  • Write down your thoughts on any off the challenges you are facing
  • Forget about it...learn to shift the focus

So I answer the question now....nothing keeps me awake much these days...and that is the answer they want to hear..and the good thing is I am not giving them any BS...

Keep the questions coming....and see you all in chat tonight...

Have a great weekend..



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