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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tired and even more tired....

"In a dry and dusty land there is no rest"

I was baby sitting a young pup over the weekend...and hence the lack off sleep and ....the tired feeling...but this is more than just physical it is deeper ...I am getting tired off this project...not so much the technology though the jury is still out on that...and the company has still got a long way to go as an organization if it wants to ship to a T1 supplier like the sonys and cannons off the world...but all that can be fixed ...what can't be fixed ...is the main men....they went through a real bad funding exercise a few months ago and they never learned ...and what makes me really tired is that even after I spoke to the VC's to explain this to them...and got there agreement that they should do better...they all let it go the same way again...I know that the Venture cap guys have there own agenda ...and sometimes like to push a company and stretch it a little...but you need to know the company well before you can do that..if you stretch too much or the wrong way..you will end up with a pile off scrap...but the real pain is that they are scheduling the next tranch when they get back from holiday..it would be too much trouble to get the paper work done with them out on holiday....I know that is crap..if a VC wants to make a deal they will make it what ever it takes....they must have internal issues and our board member from that company needs to have his posse around him to swing the deal..thats what is really worrying me..

Well enough is enough..it is new project time ...you know when you have had enough..this is the 5th start up company that I have worked with...and it maybe is time to find something else to do...

So If you are the main man...make sure you know what the investment profile is and do not wait till the last moment to fix the funding problems....


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