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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am maybe alone in my thoughts but ...some off the conditions I take a new role on are that I need from my job is to be engaged fully..engaged with the goals and objectives of project....There needs to by synergy amongst the management team...there needs to be a project worth my time and life..

Now you can team build…but there needs to be a desire in the raw materials first….there needs to be a common agreement and alignment with the objective off the company…and then you can team build…

One thing I look for in recruitment of the management team.. whether it is the Executive team or the Operations team is a good fit culturally …ok they have to meet your Job spec in experience…..but will they fit into the team…not that you want to have a team full off clones…but you need your team to have the same passion and similar motivation….and that motivation is not cash..or the big payout …..it is a passion and vision for building a company….

Tomorrow: are you prepared for the Winter ?



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