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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Entrepreneur’s mind set

Where will it take you ?

The Entrepreneur’s mind set
I have had a few pets in my life, the most interesting have been, the Budgies and the Cat. The determination of the budgie is legendary, once they set there minds to a task and just doggedly work on something until they get it done. I have seen myself watching the budgie try and get something out the cage, usually something you think no way are you going to do that, and the next morning you find it lying on the floor.
The Cat has amazing curiosity, it gets its nose into everything, and it shows interest in the smallest of details, always investigating using all its senses. The cat can get in to trouble go places it shouldn’t sometimes, but I always admire its adventurous spirit and never flagging enthusiasm for the yet to be discovered.
The Entrepreneur’s mind set has to be a mix of both, determination and curiosity,
Determination to keep pushing when the others have said no that cannot be done.
Determination to keep driving forward even when the hurricane is nearly on you
Determination to keep making the correct choices for the company, no matter what impact it has on you personally
Determination to make the hard decisions
Curiosity to search out new markets where there is no market
Curiosity in the search for answers to difficult problems
Curiosity in the welfare of your teams
Curiosity and courage to keep going back in search of answers when you keep getting hurt
There are other traits that the entrepreneur needs to have but these are two of the import ones that help make a mediocre entrepreneur a great one.
When was the last time you talked with your customers? Or went back to the one that said no and asked again. When was the last time you were curious about how the facilities engineers are getting on?
Well I hope you have a great hump day…and get curious and determined to make a difference.

Slainte Gordon

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