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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chinese Whispers and Jungle Telegraph…

Did you hear what Jim said…….and on it goes the Jungle telegraph…communication at the speed off gossip…and coffee refills ..the story…ever more modified gets circulated around the company..and before you know it…Jim is being told that this strange guy Jim who works in his dept..is having an affair with the receptionist and cheating on his wife and 5 kids….the truth off the matter is Jim is a single guy and was asking for a phone number and just got chatting about the new layout for the reception area…now tell me it doesn’t happen….. now you could say well that stuff is personal and does not effect the company…but what if it was something that was related to the business?

Communication is the one thing that we can all improve..I have met many employees in my time….and many folks in the church…and the one thing that people complain about is communication..the lack off information.. the poor quality off…and the one side nature off it…so how to improve it…well to start with there will never be enough communication in business for some people…so you will always be behind the curve ….but there needs to be a higher level off communication in a start up due to the organic change that is happening rapidly in all areas….

There are many ways to communicate…I find the inside of the toilet cubical is a great place to put stuff you want people to read…there are the notice boards…tailor the information to the location and audience…develop a communication plan with your senior management team, and strive in the delivery off the plan to be honest..open and simple….Introduce KPI’S across the company…from the incoming materials all the ay through to the out going delivery off your product or service…and publish the results for all to see….when running team briefings (see back to previous post) or all hands meetings…refer back to them…and focus the company on the results…use the screen savers on the PC’s ..the top ten key projects displayed and there progress to plan..use the red to green notation…

Team building events..these are sometimes not what you see the consultants try to sell you…these need to be a mix off fun and business…when a manager goes on a business trip with an engineer..then there is a time to get to know each other and build a relationship…go out for a beer with some off the team and have a good open chat….organise a evening out at a local climbing wall…etc etc..there are many ways to have these sessions….but the CEO can never become to involved..he still needs to save some mystique for the company…well there is a lot more I could say about this…but time is pressing…buy me a beer and I will chat more about it..or ever better give me a job with you..well have a great Wed…and keep the questions coming



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