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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Captain and Commander

"Afloat on the sea of Trade"

I have studied the old British sea captain’s the “Thomas Cochrane”, “Mochitsura Hashimoto”, “.J Angus Waters “ to name a cosmopolitan few, there were hundreds of these captains and commanders on the high seas plying there trade between countries, forging new trade routes between nations…these guys impress me..they were responsible for the boat “lock stock and barrel” …they choose how they would get there…planned the resources…managed the ships company…dealt with the local dignitaries…crafted trade treaties …fought battles, repaired and rebuilt boats on the other side off the world..and this was all done from a few hundred planks of wood..and 60+ yards of canvas and a few yards of rope....and these guys changed the world…some were animals…some were drunkards..but they were all participating in one of the great events of this worlds history..they were furthering trade..connecting people..shaping the way things would be done for hundreds off years to come…

Now some people say that you can car analogies to far..but there are a few things we could learn from these guys…

The founder / CEO is in charge you lead the company and give vision and direction.

You and the management team are responsible for the people you recruited and you have there future dreams and aspirations anchored to your company. I know they made a choice to join you, but you persuaded the best of them to join, and if you did not persuade the best to join with you, they are the wrong people to have on board with you.

You need to always be scoping the way ahead, has there been changes to the path forward, are there any government plans afoot which could adjust the market, our your business operations.

Have you good relationships with the local dignitaries? Have you made the effort to network?

When was the last time you rewarded the team you work with, broken open a keg and had a few laughs with them.

Do you see yourself forging new trade deals and executing on them?

And to finish with a quote from a great trader from the next millennium “ No7. Always keep your ears open” from the rules of acquisition.

Hope you have a good weekend



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