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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Birds of a feather flock together

"Birds of a feather flock together"

I am reading a book , "Maverick" by Ricardo Semler, makes for interesting reading..so I wont give the whole book away here but you should have aread of it, he talks about his company Semco and how he revolutionised the way they work and run the company it's a democracy...a couple of "take away points"...

travel policies, the last thing you want to be filling out is an extended travel claim..or have your guys spend the first morning back in the office filling out there claims line by line receipt by receipt ..If you can trust the guys / girls to travel half way around the world to represent the company, they you should be able to trust them to manage there spend on business trips..if you can't you have hired the wrong person...have guidelines so you can budget for travel but don't proscribe how much they can spend on coffee...I have see that in a policy...

The main "take away" that struck a note with me...was the "Birds of A Feather" syndrome...it is not stated using that phrase that’s my wrap around for it..But the analogy is still the same...people wanted to work for the company because it is a good place to work..not only because it was good working conditions…it was because the best people worked there..and a true professional always wants to work with the best…so build your team with the same birds of a feather….and you will not have a major problem in retaining the best talent , and you will see the bottom line improve through it..

Attila the Hun was a great leader, read some of the real history around the man, and you will see that he had realized the importance of leading the tribes from the front, never asking someone to do a task that you would not do your self…he never wasted the time/ effort of his best warriors he always tasked them with projects worthy of there capabilities and loyalty….

So to wrap up hire the best you can, build a team that is the envy of others and task them with immense tasks …and lead them from the front…



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