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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The good lady wants to sell the house and move on to somewhere new...I can see her motivation...her mum died only a few months ago and the house and locality remember her off her mum a lot....I am just not sure on the timing of the move...and it shows....I have no passion for the move..and it shows on the marketing efforts I am putting into the sale...I have prepared the house and the gardens...but it lacks the final polish that I would put on a normal business venture that I was passionate about …and that is so true in business the best sales guys are those that are passionate with a vision for there product…and that is what makes a good company great is the passion for what it is doing…it invades every facet off the organisation and gives the life….The great chefs say that there food is created with passion and it is that passion that is infused in the meal you eat and it brings the food alive…A company that has a passion for it’s product from creation to end user …will succeed..it shows…A company gets its passion and vision from the leadership…..




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