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Monday, July 10, 2006

First post...this is just somewhere to write about life , observations of life at work and in the real world....having spent over 20 years working in High technology companies and over 10 of them with venture capital backed companies, here in Europe and the US.

This weekend was for house hunting, the wife wants to move from the concrete jungle of Livingstone to nearer the sea...so it's over to the kingdom of Fife along the forth shoreline. There are some nice areas there near the sea...but with the proximity to Edinburgh it has driven up the cost off living dramatically. The villages along the coast are unique each has it's own sub-culture...with diverse inhabitants from all walks of life...some escaping there past ..some folks are trying to find a future...and there are the local folks... fifers...dour and with a dry sence of humour they take a sometime to get used to there manerisims, but on the whole they are fine...We drove up through Kinross and passed the mass of campers and revellers staggering around the village as they moved to towards the T-in-Park venue...on we went to Anstruther..and had an excellent breakfast and cup of java...took some pictures ( http://community.webshots.com/user/gordon1234100 ) you can see them in the last album of the link.....we drove back down through Kirkcaldy , Kinghorn and then BurtIsland across the road bride and home....we did not find a new home but we did get to see soem off the countryside....

Well Todays another day....started a new operator in the test area....and need to talk to the Optical engine guys on the new design...so it is a busy day here at www.forthdd.com


Keltie...ack Gordon

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