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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

....I have just started reading a book the CEO and the Monk....it deals with a 100 year old gas company that had to face deregulation in the US around the days off "Mighty Enron" and a unique approach to the way it made the change from the old mom and pop gas company to one off the "darlings" off the utilites...there approach was interesting to me in a few ways....the change agent was an ex priest if you can be one...(I used to be a lay preacher ) ...he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer during his early years and he survived....and he came to the role of change agent with a new view...it was a good day if you are alive at the end off it...he had no agenda....people were not frightend to engage with him....he was not out to cause trouble...he became the eyes and ears off the CEO ...he was able to suggest change in unique ways that were not challenged or dissmissed out off hand....the ethos of the organization was people first..people last...a person comes to work for you they bring all there care and worry with them...we either ignore that and take the hit or spend time getting to know our folks and there families....as a start up we need both on our side to succeed...the little lady or hubby can make your best engineer perform brilliantly ...or ..... look after the employees....just like you want to be, and undertand not everyone is as driven as you are .....they have there own goals, desires for there life....the key to sucess is trying to help them align both.....



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