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Thursday, July 27, 2006

All hands meetings.....company briefings...golden opportunities …terminal briefings…

The one meeting where the leader has to shine above all other meetings is when he is talking to the troops…too many times have I seen leaders stand up before the very people who have his destiny in there hands and screw up….he doesn’t address the issues that need to be…he does not tackle the looming storm clouds….he does not express his desire or feelings…this is the one opportunity to present …reinforce ..educate.. evangelise ..the one reason that they all exist in the group…. Is to bring there solution to a problem..that a customer has …quicker…faster…better…than anyone else…

A few golden pointers to share at the meeting

Reinforce the P&L and cash flow, review progress on objectives.
Update from the Dept Heads.. Maximum of three slides on the good, the bad and next steps.
Address the issues that are floating around in the organization.
Address any cultural issues.
Communicate the top challenges for the company for the next time period.
Allow time for questions.
Speak about what is on your mind…but do it calmly.
Finish with one slide showing the objectives for the next period with the responsible names next to each Item.
Summarise….give praise where it is due always at the end of the meeting.
Duration not longer than 45mins.
After action updates, get your management team to see how the meeting was received, see if there are any areas to improve on.
Walk the floor and engage the troops see if your message was understood.
For some meetings it maybe a good Idea to have them later in the afternoon and then as a reward if it is due, throw a BBQ or buffet…I will leave the drink selection up to you..


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